Strongest Magic Mushrooms

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Psilocybin Mushrooms or popularly known as magic mushrooms is a name given to fungi that contains a psychedelic compound known as psilocybin. Psilocybin is a hallucinogen that affects the brain by activating serotonin receptors in the prefrontal context of the brain which affects different mental cognition, perception and a person’s mood. The use of magic mushrooms for both recreational and medical purposes has been increasing over the years and there are also different varieties of magic mushrooms that are available. Mushroom cultivators have been curious about the origin and the effects of these psychedelic plant and have come to discover the strongest magic mushrooms among its kind.

What are the strongest magic mushrooms?

It is very important to know that every type of shroom has its own effect and power. There a lot of magic mushroom and they vary from one to another. We may have heard which popular types among the over one hundred eighty types (180) but what we don’t know is which among the many varieties is the strongest.  The strength of each magic mushroom is measured depending on how much doses of psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin it contains.

Here’s the list of magic mushrooms based on their strength. 

  • Psilocybe Azurescens

Its has a 30-100 mm diameter cap. This can be found in coastal dune grasses along the small area of the West Coast of the United States and also some parts of Germany. First-timers should avoid using more than eight of this product. this type of magic mushroom can be strong and contains 1.78 % Psilocybin, .38 % Psilocin, and .35% Baeocystin.

  • Psilocybe Bohemica

Its smell is significant because it smells like radish and it can be found growing in the well-decayed woods, on twigs or compost and other plant residues in the forest usually in June to December. It is somewhat rare and is just reported to have been found in five distinct places in the Czech Republic. In appearance, its cap is 2.5 to 3.5 mm in diameter. It contains 1,34% Psilocybin, .11% Psilocin and .02% Baeocystin.

  • Psilocybe semilanceata 

It is popularly known as “liberty cap” and is one of the most common magic mushrooms. This type usually grows in grassland and habitat especially in wetter areas in decaying grassroots and is widely distributed in seventeen (17) countries like Canada, North America, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, and the Netherlands. It has 5-25mm diameter cap which is usually conical. It contains .98% Psilocybin, .02% Psilocin and .36% baeocystin.

  • Psilocybe baeocystis 

This type is also popularly known as bottle caps, knobby tops, bluebells, and olive caps is dark olive-brown in color and a cap that has a diameter of 1.5 – 5.5 mm. It has thin flesh that turns blue when bruised and grows in ground bark, wood chips, peat moss, and pastures. It contains .85% Psilocybin, .59%Psilocin and .10% Baeocystin.

  • Psilocybe Cyanescens

This type of mushroom can be found in Western and Central Europe, parts of Australia and West Asia. In the US, it can be found in the Pacific Northwest South of San Francisco Bay area. This type of magic mushroom grows in woodchips. This magic mushroom is distinctly recognized because of its wavy cap. It contains .85% Psilocybin, .36% Psilocin and .03% Baeocystin.

  • Psilocybe Tamanensis

This is originally collected in Tampa, Florida. This is a very rare kind of magic mushroom. It has a yellowish-brown body and has a cap that grows up to 2.4 mm in diameter. Its stem steps up to 6 cm long. This magic mushroom is popularly known as “Philosopher’s Stone” because it gives tripper warm shivers and sharpens the senses as its effect. This type of magic mushroom is known to enhance creativity and fills the tripper with the experience of euphoria. It contains .68% of Psilocybin, .32% of psilocin but the Baeocystin is undetermined.

  • Psilocybe Cubensis

This is considered to be the most popular among the types of magic mushrooms. It has a golden brown cap that is why it is also called as golden tops or gold caps. Psilocybe Cubensis can be found in tropical and subtropical environments like the rivers and highland valleys of Venezuela, Thailand, India, Peru, Cambodia, Argentina, Australia, Colombia, and Equador. Because of its distribution and easy cultivation, this magic mushroom is considered as one of the most popular among its kind. Studies showed that the effects of this magic mushroom include an animation of organic shapes, visual distortions, and enhancement of colors. It contains .63% Psilocybin, .60% Psilocin and .025% of Baecosystin.

  • Psilocybe weilii 

This is a rare type of magic mushroom that only grows in the northern part of Georgia, USA. It grows in red soil and it tastes and smells like cucumber. It contains .61% Psilocybin, .27% Psilocin and .05% Baeocystin.

  • Psilocybe Hoogshagenii 

This fungus grows usually in muddy clays soils in a subtropical coffee plantation from June to December. This was first found in the San Agustina Laxicha region in Mexico. This type of magic mushroom also known as “the little boys” or “Los Chamaquitos”. Little boys are popular in Mexico as they are usually used to diagnose illness and is used by Mexican people in divinatory practices.

  • Psilocybe Stuntzii 

This grows in the Pacific Northwest usually in lawns and bark chips between August to December. This species can be easily identified because of its blue ring around its stem. It contains .36 % Psilocybin, .04% Psilocin and .02% Baeocystin.

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Researchers, scientists, and cultivators of magic mushrooms have always been curious about the benefits and effects of magic mushrooms as being used in both medical and recreational purposes. As you can see, psychedelic mushrooms have a lot of variety and the list above are just ten of the strongest magic mushrooms according to study. Now that you are familiar with the ten strongest magic mushroom, you decide which one is best for you. Just remember to be responsible and consult a medical doctor if there is a need for you to do so. If you go on a trip, make sure that you have a conducive set and setting.

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